• Complete Organic Herb Garden Herbs – Basil – Dill – Oregano – Parsley – Cilantro

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      Complete Organic Herb Garden Kit! 2,500+ Seeds. These seeds are organic, non-hybrid, open-pollinated. Contains Basil, Dill, Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro.

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    This Organic Herb Garden contains approx. 2,500 seeds total consisting of 5 varieties and instructions for planting.

    Do your own homework and find that no kit like this is being sold elsewhere for the same price!

    All seeds are of amazing quality. Simply the finest stock available on the market today!

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    Seed Count and Viability

    Most seed kits use the seed count as the largest selling point for the kit. Having a good quantity of seeds is important however, more important is the variety and viability of the seed. These kits will produce germination rates of up 99% with most of the seeds in this kit. All of our seeds are both lab and “real-world” tested to insure the highest quality. The seeds chosen for our kits are extremely hearty plants that will adapt to grow in most areas.

    Shelf-life and Stability

    In order for seeds to remain viable over long periods of time certain variables must be controlled. Temperature, humidity, exposure to UV light and oxygen all play a crucial part in determining whether or not your Organic Herb Garden will be a success or failure. Our seed banks are hermetically sealed in a tough Mylar pouch. This pouch is impermeable to UV light, oxygen, and moisture. Our seed banks our held in a temperature controlled environment prior to packing and shipping. You should store the seed bank in a cool dark place until ready to use. A refrigerator or freezer is best. The seeds in this kit will remain viable for 7+ years if properly stored.


    For a seed kit to be of real value, the seeds must be open-pollinated and not genetically modified. These types of seeds allow you to plant, grow, harvest, and collect seeds for reuse indefinitely. Our seeds are tested and guaranteed to 99% purity rate. All of our kits use non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds.

    Knowledge is Power!

    Each Organic Herb Garden includes a planting guide. End users should educate themselves on how each included variety will perform at their location and formulate a strategy on planting and harvesting times. Proper planning prevents poor performance!

    All kits include the following varieties of seeds:


    Italian Large Leaf Basil

    Italian Oregano

    Long Island Dill

    Slow Bolt Cilantro / Coriander

    Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

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