• The Emergency Survival 30 Pack Seed Bank

    This seed bank contains approx. 5,000 seeds of 30 varieties and instructions for planting, harvesting, and reusing the seed stock.

    Do your own homework and find that we offer TWICE the amount of seeds as sold elsewhere for the same price!
    $6.99 international shipping anywhere in the world!!
    FREE shipping in the US!
    Are you are concerned with our ever depleting food supply?
    Are you are aware of the health risks with hybrid and GMO seeds?
    Are you are looking to have a safety net in the event of a food crisis?

    Why should you buy this kit versus another?

    Simple Answer….

    Not all seed banks are created equal!

    Seed Count and Viability

    Most seed kits use the seed count as the largest selling point for the kit. Having a good quantity of seeds is important however, more important is the variety and viability of the seed. These kits will produce germination rates of up 99% with most of the seeds in this kit. All of our seeds are both lab and “real-world” tested to insure the highest quality. The seeds chosen for our kits are extremely hearty plants that will adapt to grow in most areas.

    Nutritional Content and Diversity

    Other kits offer a limited selection of vegetables or duplicate the same types. Our kits have 30 different varieties. This offers a wider range of food options and increases the vitamin content your body needs to survive. The seeds are carefully selected to offer the best range of nutritional content.

    Planting and Harvesting

    The vegetable seeds included in these kits are specifically chosen to provide you with a garden that is easy to plant, maintain, and harvest. For instance some seed kits include pole beans, which are fine, but require more effort to maintain. We select bush style beans which produce high yields and require almost no effort to establish and maintain.

    Shelf-life and Stability

    In order for seeds to remain viable over long periods of time certain variables must be controlled. Temperature, humidity, exposure to UV light and oxygen all play a crucial part in determining whether or not your survival garden will be a success or failure. Our seed banks are hermitically sealed in a tough Mylar pouch. This pouch is impermeable to UV light, oxygen, and moisture. Our seed banks our held in a temperature controlled environment prior to packing and shipping. You should store the seed bank in a cool dark place until ready to use. A refrigerator or freezer is best. The seeds in this kit will remain viable for 7+ years if properly stored.


    For a seed kit to be of real value, the seeds must be open-pollinated and not genetically modified. These types of seeds allow you to plant, grow, harvest, and collect seeds for reuse indefinitely. Our seeds are tested and guaranteed to 99% purity rate. All of our kits use non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds.

    Knowledge is Power!

    Each seed bank includes a planting and harvesting guide as well as detailed instructions on seed saving. End users should educate themselves on how each included variety will perform at their location and formulate a strategy on planting and harvesting times. Proper planning prevents poor performance!

    All kits include 30 individual packs that may included but not limited to the following varieties of seeds:


    Blue Lake Bush Beans

    Gold Crop Wax Beans

    Detroit Red Beets

    Green Sprouting Broccoli

    Catskill Brussels Sprouts

    Golden Acre Cabbage

    Hales Best Cantaloupe

    Red Core Carrots

    Bantam Sweet Corn

    Boston Pickling Cucumber

    Mixed Green Lettuce

    Clemson Spineless Okra

    Evergreen Long Bunching Onion

    Oregon Sugar Snap Peas

    Jalapeño Hot Peppers

    Sweet Banana Peppers

    Hungarian Wax Yellow Hot Peppers

    Sugar Pie Pumpkins

    Long Standing Spinach

    Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash

    Black Zucchini Squash

    Sugar Baby Watermelon

    Ace Tomato

    Roma Tomato



    Pinto Beans

    Lima Beans




    Weight 0.125 lbs
    Dimensions 8 x 1 x 10 in


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